Joint lesson observations

Joint lesson/session observations provide an opportunity for the leader of an organisation or a designated observer from within the organisation to participate in a lesson/session observation(s) alongside an inspector.

Joint lesson/session observations are offered during four-day primary, post-primary, special, further education and work-based learning inspections and district and specialist visits. 

Joint lesson/session observations provide opportunities to:

  1. Demonstrate the Education and Training Inspectorate’s (ETI) core principles of openness and transparency through collaborative working.
  2. Develop a closer relationship between the inspection process and the organisation’s self-evaluation outcomes.
  3. Build an organisation’s capacity for self-evaluation leading to improvement.
  4. Heighten the awareness of the senior management on the importance of focusing more clearly on the learning within the lesson/session that occurs as a result of the teaching.
  5. Develop a common understanding of what ‘good’ learning and teaching looks like.