Focus and purpose of inspection

Inspection is designed to provide an evaluation of an organisation across the broad spectrum of its activities.

The main emphasis of the inspection and of the report will be on the education training provision and outcomes, as seen in the quality of the learners’ recent standards and achievements and of the learning and teaching.  There is also an emphasis on the leadership and management of the whole organisation and how this contributes to improvement.

The purpose of inspection is to promote the highest possible standards of learning, teaching, training and achievement throughout the education, training and youth sectors.  This aim is reflected in the ETI’s mission statement, which is:


‘promoting improvement in the interest of all learners’.


In achieving this purpose, the ETI will:


  • provide an unbiased, independent, professional assessment of the quality of learning and teaching, including the standards achieved by learners;
  • identify and report on educational developments;
  • comment on the influence and outcomes of the policies of the three departments within the education, training and youth sectors; and
  • publish reports on individual organisations, and summary reports on aspects of the quality of educational, training and youth sectors in Northern Ireland.


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