Role of the Representative

The Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) see greater participation of the leader of the organisation or their representative (the representative) in inspection as a way of helping organisations understand more fully the inspection process and the evaluation outcomes.

To build further on the principles of collaboration and transparency, shortly after notification of inspection the reporting inspector (RI) will request the organisation to identify a senior member of staff to represent the organisation before, during and after the inspection. The representative will manage the inspection process within the organisation and will normally hold a senior management position within the organisation.

This role is offered on a voluntary basis and organisations may decide not to nominate a representative.  In this circumstance, the RI will continue to promote the ETI’s core principles of openness and transparency and maintain good working relationships with the senior management and staff. This will include daily feedback to the principal/director/leader on emerging findings and the inspection evidence used to underpin the evaluations. If an organisation decides not to appoint a representative, it will not prejudice the inspection or influence the evaluation of the inspection team in any way.