An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Examination Entry Practice and Policy in Post-Primary Schools

Date published: 14 August 2017

Type: Surveys / Evaluations
Organisational phase: Post-primary

Between September 2016 and May 2017, the ETI undertook an evaluation of the effectiveness and impact of policies on examination entry practice across 34 post-primary schools in Northern Ireland (NI).  The ETI had access to a range of examination entry practice and other policies which exist in schools to support pupils undertaking examinations and to help ensure that each pupil attains to his or her potential. One of the aims of this work was to evaluate the nature and reasons for the processes and application of the pupil ineligibility criteria (or for those who do not meet the criteria for inclusion in public examination data at GCSE and GCE A Level) in relation to the Summary of Annual Examination Results (SAER) documentation, which is submitted annually by schools to the Department of Education (DE).