Role of the Representative

Date published: 23 August 2018

Type: Development plan/framework
Organisational phase: Further Education, Post-primary, Primary, Special Education, Work Based Learning, Youth

The Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) ask the organisation to identify a senior member of staff to represent the organisation before, during and after the inspection.  The representative will manage the inspection process within the organisation and will normally hold a senior management position within the organisation. The role of the representative is offered on a voluntary basis and organisations may decide not to nominate a representative.


The role and responsibilities of the representative include:

  • facilitating the administrative arrangements at all stages of the inspection process;
  • ensuring the inspection team has access to all relevant information and accurate, reliable and up-to-date data;
  • arranging meetings between inspectors and key staff, learners and other relevant stakeholders, including employers in Further Education (FE) and Work Based Learning (WBL);
  • attending inspection team meetings, including the final inspection moderation meeting;
  • contributing to discussions and raising any concerns about, or seeking clarification with regard to, the evidence base and emerging findings (preferably in advance of the moderation meeting);
  • sourcing and providing any additional, relevant evidence relating to ongoing evaluations by inspectors, where appropriate;
  • being an advocate for the organisation;
  • becoming fully informed of the emerging strengths and areas for improvement and the evidence supporting inspection outcomes;
  • respecting the confidentiality of inspection discussions;
  • signing up to a code of conduct agreement; and
  • providing post-inspection feedback on the process and conduct of the inspection.