Safeguarding Proforma – Further Education and Work Based Learning Organisations

Date published: 15 September 2023

Type: Support Material
Organisational phase: Further Education, Work Based Learning

The safeguarding proforma and how it is used by Further Education Colleges (FE) and Work Based Learning (WBL) organisations, including at the point of inspection, has been subject to a comprehensive review over the past year.  This review has been part of the development of inspection consultation process.


As a result of the review, the completion of the safeguarding proforma will not be a requirement during any inspection activity being undertaken this year.   FE and WBL organisations, however, may choose to continue to use the proforma for self-evaluation purposes, and/or during inspections or other ETI visits if they so wish. 

The changes to the 2023/24 proforma are in accordance with policy updates or revised guidance from both the Department of Education and the Education Authority CPSS.

The proforma is intended to help you review the extent to which your college/organisation complies with child protection/safeguarding requirements and how your arrangements reflect best practice.

Phase-specific versions of the safeguarding proforma are available and please check that you are using the correct and current version for your college/organisation.