A Survey of Computer Based Assessment in Primary Schools across Northern Ireland

Date published: 07 November 2013

Type: Surveys / Evaluations
Organisational phase: Primary

The computer-based assessment (CBA) of literacy and numeracy has been a statutory requirement for primary schools in Northern Ireland since the introduction of the Education Assessment Arrangements Order (NI) (The Order) in 2007. 


The purposes of the statutory CBA are to support schools in identifying the strengths and diagnosing the learning needs of individual children; to assist teachers in planning to meet the learning needs of all of the children in their class and to enable schools to track the progress made by individual children. The Minister for Education commissioned a four part review of statutory CBA, policy and practice. As part of the review, the Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) was requested by DE to carry out a survey of the use of CBA by primary schools.