A Technical and Staff Survey on the Use of Information and Learning Technology in the Six Area-Based Colleges of Further Education

Date published: 29 March 2010

Type: Surveys / Evaluations
Organisational phase: Further Education

During September 2009 the Education and Training Inspectorate carried out a third phase evaluation of the strategic and operational planning for the use of Information and Learning Technology (ILT) across the six area-based further education colleges, as outlined in Circular FE 09 / 09 from the Department for Employment and Learning. 


Teams consisting of two district inspectors visited each college and held discussions with senior managers, staff, and students. The inspectors also observed lessons and reviewed appropriate supporting documentation, including the colleges’ ILT strategic and operational plans. As part of the evaluation the colleges were asked to complete an on-line survey providing technical details on their ILT resources. Academic staff, in the colleges, were also asked to complete an on-line survey on their use of ILT.