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Pre-school and Foundation Stage: Delivering the Curriculum Outdoors

Published 04 November 2021Surveys / Evaluations

An evaluation of improving practice in Sure Start

Published 30 June 2020Surveys / Evaluations

Second Sure Start Evaluation Report

Published 18 September 2019Surveys / Evaluations

Extended Schools Evaluation of Effective Clustering

Published 10 September 2019Surveys / Evaluations

SureStart Evaluation Report

Published 05 September 2018Surveys / Evaluations

An Interim Report on the Shared Education Signature Project

Published 24 February 2017Surveys / Evaluations

Evaluation of Extended Services Funding 2016

Published 08 September 2016Surveys / Evaluations

An Evaluation of the Role of the Early Years Specialist

Published 06 February 2014Surveys / Evaluations