Attendance in Schools: an ETI Good Practice Report and Case Studies

Date published: 13 December 2016

From 343 schools surveyed and 45 visited, the ETI has shared 12 primary and 12 post-primary school case studies.

Part One Attendance In Schools ETI Good Practice Report cover page.

The report of the survey ‘Attendance in Schools: an ETI Good Practice Report’ confirms that there is no ‘quick fix’ for poor attendance.  The reality, in those schools that are successful in improving attendance and raising standards, is that an holistic approach is necessary.   Leadership, vision, ethos, culture, pastoral care, a relevant and adaptive curriculum, careful consideration of the needs, interests and ability of all of the learners, teaching which engenders engaged learning for all learners, prompt responses to upward trends in absence data, close engagement with parents, external agencies and others; all of these pieces make up a ‘better attendance’ jigsaw.

The 12 primary and 12 post-primary school case studies illustrate some of the most effective practices in transforming approaches to better attendance and complement the publication by the Department of ‘Miss School = Miss Out’: a strategy for improving school attendance, and are a key reference for all schools.

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