Changes To Inspection from January 2017

Date published: 23 December 2016

From January 2017, there are changes to the ETI's inspection models and the framework for inspection and self-evaluation.

Chief Inspectors Report 2014-2016 cover page

The Sustaining Improvement Inspection (SII), is initially for special, primary and post-primary schools and gives greater autonomy to schools previously evaluated as having a high level of capacity or capacity to identify and bring about improvement. The Monitoring Inspection (MIn) is initially for primary and post-primary schools and enables the ETI to be more proportionate to risk and focus its available resources where they will have the most effective impact in the best interest of the learners. The notification for a SII or a MIn will be 48 hours prior to the inspection commencing.  Full Inspections will take place over four days for post-primary, youth centres, EOTAS and special schools and over two, three or four days for primary schools.  The notification period for full inspections will remain as two weeks and the school/organisation will continue to have a pre-inspection visit conducted by the reporting inspector.  There are no changes to the follow-up inspection process.  The ETI will be monitoring the impact of changes during the remainder of the academic year.  The Inspection and Self-Evaluation Framework (ISEF) is effective from January 2017 and is common to all phases inspected by the ETI.  In creating a common framework for inspection and self-evaluation, the ETI is extending the principle of openness and transparency so that all stakeholders are working together to promote improvement for all learners.  Each phase is supported by characteristics of effective practice and self-evaluation questions that are phase specific.

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