Chief Inspector visits College Farm Nursery School, Armagh

Date published: 06 June 2019

Noelle Buick, Chief Inspector visited College Farm Nursery School in Armagh to hear about the work they are doing and how the children learn through music. During the visit Noelle had a tour of the school and enjoyed musical performances by the children.

Chief Inspector with staff and pupils College Farm Nursery School Armagh

Brenda Murphy has been the Principal of College Farm Nursery School, Armagh for 20 years and teaching for 33 years. During her teaching career music has always featured highly, giving the children in her care the opportunity to enjoy music, develop their talents and build on their confidence as performers. She believes music engages the brain in so many ways including helping cultivate language and communication skills, allowing children to express themselves and develop their imagination and creativity and making learning even more enjoyable.

College Farm Nursery School opened on 4 January 1999 offering 52 places to children of nursery age. It was originally a farm building and the students from St Patrick's College came down to the farm daily to feed the horses, thus the name 'College Farm Nursery School'. It is a stand-alone nursery located on the outskirts of Armagh, set on a safe and tranquil site.

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