Education and Training Inspectorate Webinars - Video-on-Demand for teacher professional learning

Date published: 04 December 2019

The following video-on-demand recordings of the ETI webinars, and support resources, are freely available for teacher professional learning purposes.

Laptop showing webinar.

Better Literacy in post-primary education

Supporting resource: the most recent PISA results on reading

Using technology in the primary curriculum – how may ICT improve learning?

Does Sharing work? – the challenge and benefits of Shared Education:

Supporting resource:   ETI Report on Shared Education Signature Project

Connected Learning - Post-primary Numeracy:

Supporting video of numeracy at St Dominic’s Girls Grammar School

Emotional Health and Wellbeing:

Supporting PowerPoint presentation:

Special Education - the Sensory Curriculum

Supporting video of Rebound Therapy at Sandelford School:

Connecting Learning - Primary World Around Us:

Supporting PowerPoint presentation:

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