ETI publishes a thematic evaluation of the preventative curriculum in schools and EOTAS centres

Date published: 26 April 2023

The Department of Education (DE) commissioned the Education and Training Inspectorate to undertake a thematic evaluation of The Preventative Curriculum in Schools and EOTAS Centres. During November 2021 to June 2022, the ETI engaged with primary, post-primary and special schools and Education Other than at School (EOTAS) centres to collate their views and experiences of delivering the preventative curriculum.

Preventative Curriculum report front cover.

The evaluation provided an opportunity through online questionnaires for all schools/centres to provide their views and included visits to 50 settings to provide further engagement with leaders, staff, pupils and governors and to observe existing effective practice in the delivery of the preventative curriculum.  Additional meetings also took place with seven groups of parents.

The views of children and young people were sought through online questionaries in February to March 2022.  There were 14,665 pupil responses to the questionnaire from pupils in years 7, 10, 12 and 14 who provided their views about how well they are learning to make informed choices and keep themselves safe.   There are two easy read versions of the report for primary and post-primary pupils to summarise their views and the wider report findings.  The report recognises the complex landscape within which schools/centres are delivering the preventative curriculum and identifies the next steps to be considered and acted upon collectively and decisively by schools, DE and other stakeholders.

The preventative curriculum in schools and Education Other Than at School (EOTAS) centres

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