ETI consultation on the delivery of remote learning

Date published: 11 February 2021

A questionnaire issued by the Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) was completed by a majority of pre-schools and most schools and EOTAS centres during the week of 25 January 2021. The time you have taken to share your experiences and reflections on the nature and extent of remote learning provision is appreciated greatly. Thank you.

ETI consultation on the delivery of remote learning February 2021.

Additionally since January 2021, the ETI has been engaging with pre-schools, schools and EOTAS centres to understand your experiences of delivering, monitoring and evaluating remote learning provision, and delivering the Engage Programme across primary and post-primary in the current context.

Pre-schools,  schools, and EOTAS centres were better prepared, more confident and continue to build on the use of digital technologies during this period of remote learning. Teachers continue to extend the range of approaches, supported by professional development.

A summary of the quantitative data from the responses is available for pre-school, primary, post-primary, special and EOTAS.

Thematic reports, building on the quantitative analysis and containing analysis of the qualitative findings from the consultation, in-depth case studies and pre-schools’, schools’ and EOTAS centres’ experiences of monitoring and evaluating the delivery and quality of remote learning will follow in March 2021.  The qualitative analysis will include the additional written feedback from the consultation about approaches and strategies, including those used for: mental health and well-being; aspects that are working well with remote learning; provision of feedback to pupils when learning remotely; and when pupils do not register or log-on.  The thematic reports will also include feedback on the barriers to pupil engagement with remote learning.

As the educational landscape remains challenging and demanding because of the pandemic, the ETI continues to support pre-schools, schools and EOTAS centres, providing advice and guidance, and sharing your effective practice in remote learning.


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